How to Register?


This free registration process should only take a few minutes of your time. Please follow the simple steps outlined below

Step 1.

To register on please first of all find the most appropriate category that suits your business. Select on the main link on the home page that broadly represents your type of business.

e.g. if you were a website design business you would select the "Computing / Internet" link.

Step 2.

This takes you down a level within the directory. You can either choose to Select the "Add Your Business" button and try and submit your business at this level, or continue down a level to a more concise and specific category that is relevant to your business.

Please note that you MUST continue to the level that is most appropriate to your business. As this is a directory we have a team of people who check ALL entries and at our discretion we may remove your listing completely if you are not seen to insert your business in the correct location.

e.g. Using website design once again you would select the "Website" link which would take you down a level were there are many options under the main heading of Website. You would select the "Design" link at this stage and then select the "Add Your Business" button.

Step 3.

Once you have located the correct location for your business and you have selected the "Add Your Business" button, you then complete the simple form, which asks you for your basic business details, such as address, business name, etc and also a description of your products and/or services. Please prepare a reasonable length description of what you do or who you are, or why you add value, etc - approximately 200 words but no less than about 30. This should include keywords and phrases that you feel are relevant to your business as this will assist in you being found on the internet.

As part of this form process you can also upload your logo or an image. Please note that your logo or image must either be in the .jpg format ( or alternatively if it is under 200 pixels wide it can be in the .gif format ). If you are unsure what this means just try uploading your logo/image and see if it is accepted.

Logos or images that are larger than 200 pixels wide will be resized down to 200 pixels to retain the integrity of the page layout. For a small fee we can upload your logo for you - please contact us for assistance.

Step 4.

Your business will now be listed on the directory and one of our team will check it out and determine if it is suitable or not.

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