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Shiatsu is a holistic massage therapy from Japan, that harmonizes mind and body, deepens self-awareness and enables self-healing.
Shiatsu available at:
Life Medicine, 653 Shields Road, Glasgow: 0141 423 4136
Woodland Herbs, 100 Woodlands Road, Glasgow: 0141 564 3184


February 2008

I initially contacted John 4 years ago, I randomly picked him from the internet as I had 2 preferences a) my therapist would be male and b) that they did home visits.

As a severely disabled person it was important to me that the therapist would feel accepting of me and my limitations yet not make a big issue of it. Treat me “normally”. From the outset John was upfront, honest and showed an excellent working knowledge of his field and my needs.

From my first session with John I knew I had picked the right person, he tuned into me, shared and left me feeling relaxed yet raring for more.

I have seen John regularly over the last 4 years, during which time I have noticed huge changes to my body and increase in my posture, balance and general health.

John is a very able therapist, willing to share his knowledge, is open to anything I might share, grounded and trustworthy. Over time I have seen his sense of humour come out as the trust between us builds and is a part of him I really enjoy.

I would have no hesitations in recommending John. For any women who may be hesitant about visiting a male therapist please trust my word in that he is a safe ethical practitioner.

Sarah, Counselor, Glasgow

September 2006

I have a chronic undiagnosed illness which leaves me weak, in pain and as a result often, tense, stressed and emotional. I visit John regularly to help me manage my condition. After Shiatsu I feel relief from my pain. I feel relaxed and calm, or depending on the treatment, I can feel energized.

John takes the time to listen and gives me space to unburden myself from the stresses of the week, which helps me to relax. Each week my condition varies and the treatment always reflects this. Before Shiatsu, I feel I was just existing. John helped me regain confidence and encouraged me to rediscover past interests.

I was hesitant when I first came to see John as I did not know him and had never had Shiatsu before. But after my initial consultation and treatment, I knew I had made a good choice. I felt an immediate benefit which was due to John’s ability as a therapist and friendly approach.

John has a warm and friendly personality. He is a good listener and is extremely perceptive. I would not hesitate to recommend John to anyone looking for a therapist who helps in so many ways. I have tried various other therapies over the past few years and have benefitted from some of them. But for me, Shiatsu has been by far the most beneficial in helping me cope.

Linda, Clerical Assistant, Airdrie

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John Williamson shiatsu-Glasgow

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